FSC in Sweden

FSC in Sweden, called Svenska FSC,  is a national based, not for profit organization and one of FSCs national initiatives, often referred to as NIs.

The Swedish organization is in structure similar to FSC international. The organizations membership, board of directors and standard committee are each divided into a social-, an environmental- and an economic chamber. For the board of directors, the members elect nine representatives, three in each chamber. The board has the task to appoint a standard committee, a marketing committee and when needed a dispute resolution committee.

The board of directors of Svenska FSC is responsible for the development and management of the Swedish FSC forest management standard. This implies the development and clarification of indicators adapted to Swedish conditions which are then used in FSC-certified forest management.  The constituents of Svenska FSC are not only responsible to support certifiers in the use of the standard, but also to spread information about FSC, safeguard the integrity of the FSC trademark and to handle the contact with FSC international.

The financing is mainly through membership fees, contributions and project funding.

Svenska FSC is coordinated by the Swedish FSC office. If you have further questions, please contact us at the office.