History of FSC in Sweden

Swedish economic, environmental and social stakeholders were part in establishing FSC at the international level in 1993, which then lead to the creation of the Swedish FSC standard setting working group in February, 1996.

By 1997 the working group had prepared a proposal for the Swedish FSC forest management standard  which was approved by FSC International in May 1998.

Once the Swedish FSC-standard had been sent in for endorsement, the working group was somewhat reduced in representation, but still maintained its three chamber system (economic, social & environmental). In September 1997 the working group took the name Svenska FSC-rådet (The Swedish FSC council) and in spring 2000, a legal not for profit membership based organization was established, Svenska FSC-rådet ideell förening.

In November 2004 the organization changed it's statutes so that the organization would have not only a Board of Director (BoD), but also a standard committee (SC) and a marketing committee. Furthermore, issues such as dispute resolution and standard management were clarified in the statutes. The name of the organization was changed to Svenska FSC.

For information on FSC international go to www.fsc.org homepage.